Gordon Tso and Song style xingyiquan

Alex Kozma, the distinguished martial arts teacher and author, has produced a great interview with Gordon Tso, a Hong Kong-based teacher of Song style xingyiquan, in which Gordon talks about the history and practice of the style, how he came to learn xingyiquan, and also features several great training snippets with Gordon’s teacher GM Song Guanghua, as well as M Song Baogui (Song Guanghua’s son) and M Zhao Chuanhui, son of the famous Song style teacher Zhao Yongchang.

For anyone interested in Song style xingyiquan, this is a great introduction to the art:

Flying Monk talk show – Gordon Tso and Song style xingyi

In the interests of full disclosure I should probably point out that I am not exactly an independent party – Song Guanghua is my shiye, which makes Gordon my kungfu uncle!

For me personally it is great to see shiye in the familiar Song family courtyard in Taigu which I have visited several times, I hope he and his family members can carry on the art for many more years to come.

I understand that Alex is now training a group of students in Song style xingyi in the UK, so am happy to provide Alex’s contact details by PM if any UK or Europe based readers would like to check it out for themselves.




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