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Walking the Fine Line Between Tradition and Modernity: Chen-style Master Zhang Xiaowu

I have been looking for an article on Chen style taijiquan to include on my blog for a while now. The extract translated below is an excerpt from an article (see original here ) that appeared in the Guangzhou Daily a … Continue reading

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Reminiscences of Master Yao Zongxun – Final Part

A: Has M Yao’s Yiquan moved away from M Wang’s Yiquan in its appearance? C: On top of the foundation laid down by M Wang, M Yao made his Yiquan clearer, more detailed. He used modern kinesiology to explain Yiquan. … Continue reading

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Reminiscences of Master Yao Zongxun Part VII

A: Nowadays, a lot of the people who practice Yiquan never saw Wang Xiangzhai for themselves, they’ve only heard or read about him. These people all want to develop M Wang’s ability to ‘launch’ people and talk about his feats with … Continue reading

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五台雨雪恨难消 – Part II

 The final part of this chapter of ‘Departed Warriors’: “Fu Changrong would have had to accept such a public challenge, otherwise it would have ruined his reputation. However, Fu Changrong’s friends realised that Xue wanted a fight to the death … Continue reading

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