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The Zhaobao Taijiquan of Hou Chunxiu

Zhaobao taijiquan is an interesting major style of taijiquan which has produced many top level masters and seems to have preserved an extremely complete system including neigong, forms practice in different frames as well as a multitude of weapons. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Yin style baguazhang – He Puren

The style of bagua created by Dong Haichuan’s top student, Yin Fu, has only recently started to be known about in the West, largely due to the efforts of the late Xie Peiqi and his disciple He Jinbao. Just as … Continue reading

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Song style xingyi in Shanghai – Li Guoliang

  Below is a translation of an excerpt from this article: “The Song-style xingyi master Li Guoliang is a noted fighter who received the full transmission from Hao Zhanru, who was a student of Jia Yun-gao (one of Song Shirong’s … Continue reading

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Song style Xingyi in Tianjin – Li Xuzhou

Song style xingyi, noted for its unique power generation and relatively ‘softer’ approached compared to Hebei variants of xingyi, is one of the rarest of the main xingyi styles, even in China. The vast majority of practitioners remain in Shanxi … Continue reading

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Che style Xingyi of Bu Bingquan

Because most practitioners of xingyi in the West belong to the Hebei branch, the giants of that subset (Guo Yunshen, Li Cunyi and Sun Lutang to name but three) are, if not household names, then at least familiar. However, the … Continue reading

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Guo Shilei

Guo Shilei is a young martial arts teacher in the city of Dongguan, in Guangdong (Canton) province. He teaches the 3 big CIMA: taiji, bagua and xingyi, but I decided to include him in this blog because his bagua comes … Continue reading

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Yang Banhou’s Taiji in Yongnian

Western fans of taiji will no doubt be familiar with the exploits of the Yang family. The vast majority of Yang stylists worldwide derive their taiji from Yang Luchan’s grandson, Yang Chengfu. But how many are aware that in the … Continue reading

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