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‘Departed Warriors’ – the xingyiquan of Li Zhongxuan

I recently came across an excellent book on xingyiquan called “Departed Warriors” (called ‘Shiqu de Wulin’ in chinese). The book contains the recollections of one man, Li Zhongxuan (now deceased), who had the good fortune to study under three disciples … Continue reading

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Reminiscences of Yao Zongxun part VI

A: Just now we got to talking about how you quit your job for Yiquan, what was all that about? C: In 1981, soon after M Yao and I had returned from Shanghai, in order to develop a Beijing San … Continue reading

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Reminiscences of Yao Zongxun part V

A: We’ve long heard that Yiquan’s penetrating power (chuan tou li) is formidable. Did M Yao set you any ‘rules’ for responding to challenges? C: At first, there were no rules. Later on, there was one incident that resulted in … Continue reading

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Shi Style Baguazhang of Di Zhaolong

In this article, I would like to introduce a style of baguazhang not so well-known in the west: Shi style baguazhang, named after its founder, Shi Jidong. Shi style baguazhang is known for its many and varied leg techniques and … Continue reading

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Reminiscences of Yao Zongxun part IV

A: Some people say that M Yao was conservative, that he didn’t teach openly, how would you respond to this? C: It wasn’t like that. A lot of people learnt Yiquan from M Yao, both on the health and martial … Continue reading

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