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Zhao Bin and the Yang family

It is not often realised that, of the commonly listed disciples of Yang Chengu, 3 were actually relatives of his, namely Fu Zhongwen, Zhao Bin and Zhang Qinglin. Both Fu and Zhang are fairly well known in the West through … Continue reading

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Stories of Cui Yishi

Apologies for the long hiatus. Due to a new job, I no longer have enough time to do long translations. Instead I will try to post snippets and interesting videos on a more regular basis.  The first of this new … Continue reading

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Central Guoshu Institute

Ever since translating an article on the ‘1929 Hangzhou Leitai Tournament’, I have been interested in the role of the Central Guoshu Institute (‘CGI’) in the spread of traditional Chinese martial arts in the first half of the twentieth century. … Continue reading

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