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1st Stop, Beijing: Dong Haichuan’s Tomb

The first stop on my ‘neijia tour’ was Beijing. I know that Beijing is full of good masters of the various neijia arts, but unfortunately due to time constraints the only ‘neijia-themed’ stop I was able to make was a … Continue reading

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Shi Style Baguazhang of Di Zhaolong

In this article, I would like to introduce a style of baguazhang not so well-known in the west: Shi style baguazhang, named after its founder, Shi Jidong. Shi style baguazhang is known for its many and varied leg techniques and … Continue reading

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Song Changrong’s Baguazhang

When people talk about ‘Song style’ in a bagua context, there are actually two styles that could be meant: one is the bagua of Song Yongxiang (passed on by Liu Wancang of Beijing and his disciples), while the other is that of … Continue reading

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