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The Hollowing Out of CMA

The longer one stays involved in martial arts, the more obvious it becomes that certain arts / lines / groups have a serious case of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. The phenomenon I’m referring to is where a comprehensive, usable fighting … Continue reading

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Old photos of Yiquan training

Just came across some photos of Yao Zongxun teaching Yiquan (from this site) in the 80s that I thought would be of interest to all the Yiquan guys out there: The context for these photos is that they were taken … Continue reading

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Stories of Cui Yishi

Apologies for the long hiatus. Due to a new job, I no longer have enough time to do long translations. Instead I will try to post snippets and interesting videos on a more regular basis.  The first of this new … Continue reading

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Song Changrong’s Baguazhang

When people talk about ‘Song style’ in a bagua context, there are actually two styles that could be meant: one is the bagua of Song Yongxiang (passed on by Liu Wancang of Beijing and his disciples), while the other is that of … Continue reading

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‘Large Frame’ Zhaobao Taijiquan – Wang Haizhou

One of the main promoters of Zhaobao taijiquan in China is Wang Haizhou, the head coach of Zhaobao village. I have translated an extract of his life story (as told to the journalist Yan Hanxiu in the book ‘Taijiquan: Qi … Continue reading

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