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Xingyi’s Pangen walking

I have been intrigued by Xingyi’s Pangen exercise ever since I first read Joseph Crandall’s excellent translation of master Shang Ji’s introductory article (which can be found here: It seems to have been created by Song Shirong after contact … Continue reading

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Yang Luchan on the silver screen

During the late Qing dynasty, a young man from Hebei named Yang Yuqian leaves his village to seek out a kungfu master. After many travails and escapades, he ends up in Chen Family Village in Henan. Once there, he asks … Continue reading

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My intention with this blog is to profile some branches of the three main Chinese internal martial arts (CIMA) of taiji, bagua and xingyi that are not so well-known in the west. I hope that these translated articles will spur … Continue reading

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