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Teacher Profile – Yu Chunhai

The next stop on my Song style fact-finding trip was to another teacher in Tianjin called Yu Chunhai. Although both Che Qiang laoshi and Yu Chunhai laoshi are both from Tianjin, they come from slightly different branches of Song style, … Continue reading

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Shanghai Training Diary

Just came back from training for a week with Wang Senlin of Shanghai, who I have mentioned in this blog before. Like most Chinese kungfu teachers, Master Wang teaches and practices in a park near his home every morning. He … Continue reading

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China Trip: Final Notes and Thoughts

For any fellow enthusiasts out there planning on undertaking a similar trip to China, I would say the following: 1) Language. Bear in mind that even if you speak decent Mandarin (putonghua), you may not be able to understand the … Continue reading

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7th stop, Shanghai: Wang Senlin

Thanks to the gracious and indefatigable Rose Oliver of the Double Dragon Alliance, I managed to meet and talk to M Wang Senlin, who is a disciple of Deng Fuxin, a xingyi master who will be well-known to those readers … Continue reading

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6th stop: A visit to Chenjiagou

Much of the material here has already been covered in Daniel Poon’s excellent website, , and hence I will try not to duplicate too much. I took the coach from Zhengzhou (capital of Henan province) to Wenxian, which took … Continue reading

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5th stop, Guangfu: Su Yongqiang

From Handan, I moved on to Guangfu town, the cradle of both Yang and Wu (Yuxiang) styles of taiji. There is a coach that runs from Handan to Guangfu which takes about an hour. The town itself is of an … Continue reading

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4th stop, Handan: Wang Changxing

The founder of Yang style taiji, Yang Luchan, was from Guangfu town in what is now Yongnian county in Hebei province. Naturally, Yang and his sons taught many of the locals their art, and so there are many branches of … Continue reading

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