My intention with this blog is to profile some branches of the three main Chinese internal martial arts (CIMA) of taiji, bagua and xingyi that are not so well-known in the west. I hope that these translated articles will spur fellow enthusiasts into visiting China to study the CIMA in the land of their birth.

DISCLAIMER: I have not met any of these masters personally, so I cannot vouch for their skills. I should also add that I do not teach any of the arts profiled in these pages.

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Xingyiquan enthusiast
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  1. khan Foxx says:

    Your website, presenting the CIMA [core-3 MA] presents some information that would only be known through close relations.

    I was looking for either [the #4 CIMA] LiuHe BaFa, which matrixes
    the core principles, or else similar systems. The LHBF does absorb the core-3, but also those of LuHong-8-Links [ba-shih]; there also exists friendships between the LHBF and Yiquan schools
    [but only a few teachers know or can do both]. Ideally, I would
    want to find more about the ‘water’style boxing that predates
    the Nanking Academic style of LHBF.[they are not the same]

    Yin Fu I believe created a 4-images system of core-3 with a linking form; this I would also like to explore.

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